Fuel Her Dreams

Dreams are universal, but opportunity is not—to make a difference 1% of all Kalaia sales go towards supporting female entrepreneurs around the world through our charitable program, Kalaia Cares. Kalaia Cares will support savvy, hardworking women through a micro loan program. We are proud to partner with Kiva.org to reach these entrepreneurs and to provide them the financial resources that they may not have through their own communities.

Join us to fuel the dream of another hard-working female entrepreneur!

Most Recent Loan

We are thrilled to announce our 33rd Kalaia Cares micro loan. She is a hardworking mom who’s primary goal is to create a better future for her children. During that process she is creating jobs and wealth for people in her community. This loan doesn’t just support one female entrepreneur, it will impact her entire community as she expands her small business.

Funded in August 2020

Real Impact

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Kalaia Cares. Real Impact.