Being a leader, whether you are leading a business, a country, or a household isn’t easy let alone durincrisis we had very little time to prepare for. Here are 3 important leadership lessons I learned leading as well as observing other leaders during this pandemic 

  • Make the call when needed – It is never easy to make tough and unpopular decisions, but it is critical to have the ability to make timely decisions when managing crisis situations. Make your decisions based on facts and data rather than emotions but always trust your gut when you are in crossroads. Remember, you will never make everyone happy and be okay with that. 
  • You aren’t going for perfection – You are human and you will never get everything right, especially when managing crisis. But as a leader it is so important to show that you are willing to take the feedback, acknowledge your failures, and course correct when you miss the mark. That build trust and respect, which could be the determining factors of your success. 
  • Effective communication is key – Communicate with empathy, transparency, and facts. It’s a delicate balance between showing authority and being relatable. They want a leader to follow during crisis, but they also want to know you understand their challenges and you are one of them. 


Gaya Samarasingha